Guide to Success in The Home Buying Process!

Thank you for the opportunity to let us represent you in the purchase of your new home. You can expect exceptional, professional service and results specific to your needs. In response to the ever-changing market we have experienced over the years, we are assertive and equipped with the knowledge, experience and determination that assures our success in securing the best results for our buyers.This is absolutely the very best time to be a buyer. Timing is everything!!! Here are some reasons to confirm your decision to buy:

  • Interest rates are at a historic low. Expect to get a great, fixed mortgage with a rate below 5%.
  • Prices are still low and you are buying into an appreciating market.
  • Sellers are motivated to get their homes sold as more inventory is coming on the market.
  • The first step to purchasing a home is to select the right Realtor to effectively and profitably represent your best interests.

Thank you for the privilege of allowing us to represent and serve you!!!

The Home Buying Process

Step 1- Hire the BEST Full-Time Real Estate Professionals

  • Honesty and trustworthiness.
  • Experience, education and great negotiating and contract management skills.
  • Patience and the ability to understand your wants, needs and personal tastes.
  • Knowledge about the communities you want to live in.
  • Willingness to keep you informed of changes in the market, without trying to push you into buying before you’re ready.
  • Full access to the area’s multiple listing service (MLS). The MLS gives you the listings of all sellers, not just those represented by your Realtor’s company.

Step 2- Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage with a Dependable Lender

  • How much do you want your payments to be?
  • What are the different loan programs available? (FHA, VA, Conventional)
  • Make sure your credit is in good shape or work with the lender to improve it for your best loan options.

Step 3- Find your Perfect Home

  • What style and size of home do you want?
  • How many bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, acres?
  • What are the most important features and amenities to you?
  • Location preferences for schools, work, other?
  • Things you absolutely do not want? Location or other concerns?

Step 4- The Contract Contingencies and Timelines

  • Negotiate the best contract price and terms
  • Review of seller’s property disclosures (2-4 days from contract)
  • Due diligence process & inspections (5-14 days from contract)
  • Appraisal order & review (21-30 days from contract)
  • Securing financing final approval (21-45 days from contract)

Step 5- Closing

  • The final walk-through inspection (1-2 days prior to closing)
  • Schedule to move (7-10 days prior to closing)
  • Changing over utilities (1-2 days prior to closing)